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Noxon is a respected veteran of shows from Greys Anatomy to the Lifetime series UnREAL. At the premiere, Collins said she too had struggled with anorexia as a teenager, and felt an immediate connection to the project. Playing the role of Ellen, a 20-year-old woman resisting her familys pleas to open up to treatment, was cathartic, she said. Also Read: 27 Eye-Popping Portraits From TheWrap's Sundance Studio Presented by Kia (Exclusive Photos) To step into shoes I thought Id moved on from 10 years later was terrifying, she said at the q-and-a after the screening, which was greeted with thunderous applause. But this was about healing. It was a form of therapy for me. To many, anorexia remains a frustrating illness that comes with both the privileges and complexities of industrialized society and its obsession with image. Is the victim seeking attention? Dealing with an addiction to not eat? Why cant they just heal themselves? In To the Bone, it becomes clear that its not that simple. Ellen, a budding artist with a typically complicated home life (dad is MIA, mom turned gay, etc.), knows fully that if she does not begin to eat she will die. And yet she cannot seem to choose life by eating.

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The Garden State spends the equivalent of 4.8% of its taxable resources on its schools, second in the country only to Vermont. Each year, nearly $16,000 per student are spent on New Jersey schools -- more than all but five other states. While the connection between school spending and educational outcomes is complex, in New Jersey, high spending accompanies strong academic performance. The state has some of the largest shares both of math and english-proficient eighth graders, and about 38% of 11th and 12th grade advanced placement test scores in New Jersey are 3 or better -- high enough to qualify for college credits -- the sixth largest share of all states. 3. Vermont > Per pupil spending: $19,654 (the highest) > High school graduation rate: 87.7% (11th highest) > Pct. 3 & 4 yr. olds enrolled in preschool: 54.2% (5th highest) Vermont is one of several New England states to have one of the highest rated education systems in the country. As is the case in most other states in the region, students in Vermont tend to do well in many standardized measures of academic achievement. About 45% of fourth graders and 44% of eighth graders are proficient in reading, each the third largest share of any U.S. state.

at the hands of a police officer. It also traces the beginnings of the Black Lives Matter movement. TheWrap caught up with the co-directors in Park City, Utah. They emphasized that when the bodies of children are bleeding out in the streets, its not the time to protect the reputation of good cops. Also Read: 'A Ghost Story' Sundance Review: How Can a Ghost in a Bedsheet Break Your Heart? If I have a broken leg, Im not going to go to the doctor and want to hear about, Well, at least your arm is working, Folayan ผ้าปูที่นอน lotus told TheWrap. We need to talk about the problem, she said. The film represents Folayans directorial debut, made alongwith her directing partnerDavis, a visual artist. The two wrote a statement that appears on the films official site, which frames the urgency of the doc. It includes the line: In the case of Mike Brown, who, in spite of being college bound & well regarded by his community, was portrayed as a thug and a criminal. For this reason, it is essential that Black people be the ones to tell our own true stories. Watch part of their interview with TheWrap above.

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